For Men and Women: Stylist and Personal Shopper for Your Wardrobe Needs


The physical image you present can be a powerful non-verbal communication tool. It speaks of you before words are formed.


You can thoroughly manage the non-verbal message that tells of the "business of you" through the appearance of your hair and clothes.


Imagine, a foundation of style that fits you, your body structure, your coloring, your profession and your lifestyle.

What you present begins with your hair. This is the foundation of your professional and personal appearance. Just as important is how you dress. It tells the world who you are.


With over 25 years in the appearance industry, world class training and a member of Association of Image Consultants International..... I will provide you with Salon Services, Wardrobe Analysis, Personal Shopping, Up-date Your Style and take you to a new level of your Personal and Professional Style.

Know the Strengths & Messages of Your Style

Keep it Real, Keep it Simple and Keep it You.

A Fine Tuned You

As your Image consultant stylist, I will assist you in new choices in Salon Services and Personal Valet Shopper that make you shine!

By appointment only.

916-812-3979 or email me at with your information and best time to meet with you.

Recent interview...

1. Name and name of company?

Sandra Bertagnolli, Image Consultant Stylist "A Fine Tuned You" in Las Vegas, NV

2. How long have you been an Image Consultant?

I have assisted individuals with updating and streamlining their style for over 25 years.

3. Is this a full time or part time job for you?

Salon Services is a full time job. I consult with my clients on their physical appearance on a daily basis as their hairdresser by helping them choose the right hairstyle and haircolor choices. Clients hire me to give them further advice on how to create a certain image through wardrobe selection, grooming skills, and how to present themselves in a specific public appearance. This could include personal shopping consults, reviewing their current wardrobe to help select what should be discarded or kept, coordinating clothing they may already own, and organizing what is already in their closet.

4. How did you get into Image Consulting?

In the early 90's I was drawn to the importance of non verbal communication and how our appearance influences how we feel about ourselves and how others respond to us. I decided to attend the Academy for Appearance and Design and became a member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

I worked with individuals in building a core wardrobe that represented them and supported them in their own authenticity for their career and personal life. I worked with business's on "Their Business Identity," What is Business... what is Business Casual and what is appropriate for the professional in the workplace. In the late 90's I worked as a Personal Shopper at Macy's "The Men's Store".

5. Who is your "typical" client? Give me an example of a client that didn't "fit the mold".

There is not a typical client...My clients range from Students to CEO' s, Doctors, Lawyers, Developers, Realtors, Teachers and individuals that are just interested in updating their look.

6. What is the "bread and butter" of your business? Helping somebody shop, cleaning out their closets, parties, etc.?

How you get dressed and how you feel about yourself seems to always begin with your hair.... that is the bread and butter for me.....It has been my experience that men tend to be very eager to have someone to help them create a "core wardrobe” since shopping can be such a confusing experience for them. I help them to choose clothing to match the image that they want to portray and make sure that all pieces are "changeable" so they can go from "business" to "business casual " to "social" to social casual.

7. Can you share an unusual story about a client/experience?

One client had recently divorced and hadn't dated for quite some time. He had a decent wardrobe, but needed some help on fit and needed to be more approachable and wanted women to notice him. We went thru his closet and then went shopping.

A couple of notes from him....

Sandra,I took three dentists on tour and at dinner, one said to me that I was the best dressed person in town........:-) The next morning.....and........this morning one of my acquaintance's girlfriends called me for lunch next week.....So your work is greatly appreciated. I have transitioned from a lonely guy to one with options.....she was there last night and saw me from afar......

Sacramento, CA.

Another note .....

Sandra.....My wardrobe is working well. I need a few more items to completely free me from my old look, so I anticipate another buying session in the next few months. The new wardrobe is noticed fairly often - usually by well-dressed females. Occasionally a guy will say “did you lose weight or something?”........Fashionably yours,

Redding, CA.

8. Has anybody been mad after you tell them that they have no style? Do you have any examples?

I would never tell anyone they have "no" style.....It is my job to define their style and in doing so it shows them how to make the right choices for them....who they are today...not who they used to their grooming and wardrobe. This process helps them to feel more confident about themselves. And this is not about the latest trend....the hot designers or labels......quite the opposite.

9. Are there any other stories that come to mind that you would like to share, i.e. touching, funny, scary, etc., that have come from image consulting?

I did a series of seminars for "abused women" and "teens at risk" in the late 90's. This was a Personal Empowerment Program. We titled it "Image Enhancement Workshop" These girls and women needed to find in themselves...their strength, and learned how to show their strength and presence.... in a whole new way.....the importance of how we show up.....does communicate to we are treated.

10. Do you have any other thoughts, comments, angles that you think should be explored in a story about image consulting?

Know the Strengths and Messages of Your Style.........What makes people instantly respect, admire, value and listen regardless of your age or position? So step this way.......You have an appointment in the esteem salon. Let's build a foundation of your "Personal Style".....Sandra Bertagnolli

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