"Sandra Beragnolli really knows her color and her cuts. She took a person with frizzy hair that had NO style and brought me to the world of soft healthy hair that has TONS of style and the color is the WOW factor. I am extremely lucky to have found such a professional!"

Robyn Olson
Sacramento, CA

"Sandra Bertagnolli has styled my hair for many years. She keeps it fresh, up to date and makes me look and feel fabulous! I would recommend her for anyone that wants natural color and a cut specifically for the shape of your face."

Suzanne P.
Sacramento, CA

First and foremost, Sandra is an incredibly beautiful person, and is a world-class trained and accomplished hair stylist, and wardrobe and image consultant, for professionals in the Sacramento area. Sandra has been my stylist and consultant for several years now, and just does a marvelously outstanding job.

Attorney at Law
Sacramento, CA.

I took three dentists on tour and at dinner, one said to me that I was the best dressed person in town and the next morning one of my acquaintance's girlfriends called me for lunch next week. Your work is greatly appreciated. I have transitioned from a lonely guy to one with options.

Sacramento, CA.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Definitely. The old adage, "There's never a second chance to make a first impression," rings truer today than ever before. As a result, I was frightfully concerned about my first job interview. The good news was that I was finally completing my education, at a cost I might add, that could have financed the down payment of a small house. The bad news, however, was that my clothes showed it! But with a student's budget, what could I do? Sandra Bertagnolli's "A Fined Tuned You" came to the rescue. What I needed was a cost effective starter kit - a "knock-em dead" interview suit, and a slack, shirt, tie, shoe combination that could serve as a solid, yet flexible base upon which I could build a professional business attire. But with so many stores, salesman, and styles, how could I be sure that I was buying the right style, the right brands, at the right price. After all, I didn't want my confidence shaken during the interview or on the job with nagging concerns over whether or not my clothes were too flashy, too dull, poorly coordinated, or just inappropriate.

Sandra's years of experience as a personal shopper and Image Consultant calmed my concerns by delivering what I had always been missing, a "results oriented" approach to clothes shopping. By setting a clear objective, and formulating an effective strategy, I immediately felt like I was on the right path. It was comforting to know that I was not leaving this important aspect of my new career to whim or chance.The power of effective dressing, I learned, came from the confidence that inevitably shines through when one's business attire naturally augments ones character, colors, and aspirations. And this confidence was the edge I needed to be successful in my interviews. Sandra's format was professional and time efficient. I first answered a few simple questions that identified not only my natural hair and skin colors, but my personality traits. Next, we reviewed a pictorial summary of clothing combinations and styles that best portrayed the statement I was after.

I can attest that most men will appreciate the results-oriented professional approach taken by "A Fined Tuned You."

After determining a budget, we went to the stores - my least favorite part. My impatience, however, was offset by Sandra's talents. She worked efficiently and directly with the sales people to identify the right merchandise and her years of professional shopping experience, I received a cost effective outcome on the merchandise, and left the store with a solid combination of business attire that I knew was both professional and appropriate. Inevitably, successful careers are built upon hard work and effort. Yet too often we ignore those things that can give us an edge. Fortunately, Sandra Bertagnolli's "A Fine Tuned You" was there. In the end, on a student's budget, Sandra was able to give me the edge I needed to get the job.

I would also like to add...Sandra has been my hairdresser for over 4 years now.

Jeff Flint
Sacramento, CA.